Sex is like Money -
even when it's bad, it's good
The best things in life
make you sweaty

Escort Berlin by Sisters Escort

Our escort service offers ladies' companionship for the gentlemen who require only the best from life. No doubt a young blooming woman's body attracts any man and can take his breath away. Moreover, no man can resist the sophisticated AND gorgeous woman!

Our agency keeps up with the time and shapes the new generation of customer-oriented generation of escorts: No "professional" ladies, no extra charges, no hidden costs, no "artificial" dates. Our agency stands for authenticity, transparency and pleasure of both - men and women. Since love is the only thing that doubles if one shares it...

The ladies of Sisters Escort are well versed in etiquette rules and educated enough to make a good impression in every situation: Whether at public or private events, exclusive parties or commercial banquets, our charming nymphs are there for you. Discreetly. Reliably. And in a good mood ;)

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Our Escorts

Escort Romy


The red-haired and mysterious Romy. In the Middle Ages redheads were considered to be allies of the devil and it is because of their rarity men were and are still fascinated by their burning passion, desire and refinement. Probably that is why even nowadays one attributes nymphomania to the red-haired

Escort Sissy


Sissy is so outrageously enticing that it really seems to be almost impossible. She has that natural sexual urge and enjoys all the love plays. This many-faceted incredible woman owns a lot of terrific attraction which gets under skin. Dear Gentlemen, Game On... Likes: GFS, passionate kisses, massage, masturbation performance, Spanish, striptease, role

Escort Nomi


"She painted her face, to hide her face.
Her eyes are deep water.
A Geisha isn't free to wish ...
A Geisha isn't free to feel ...
A Geisha is an artist of the floating world.
She dances, she sings ... she entertains you... you

Escort Amelie


Amelie ... You are joking, right? You are not allowed to do it! You are not allowed to present yourself so stunning and seductive, so that no one can resist your sex appeal. You are to blame that one get those tempting fantasies ... First he is thinking about how

Escort Vanessa


How would you wish your date to be like? Or what do you expect your time with the breathtaking Vanessa? Are you starting to go through the imaginary list with your secret phatasies? Whatever your list may include, please be sure: Vanessa will make you happy. This beauty is so captivating that

Escort Zoé LeBlanc

Zoé LeBlanc

Please no illusions ... This young innocent creature is merciless! Mercilessly adorable! Mercilessly sweet! Drop dead gorgeous! ! Please hide your heart before heading to date with Zoé, don't jeopardize it, because the danger is huge that she'll hijack it. And please bear in mind that you should protect your

Escort Sonja


About 70 percent of the human body is made up of water. Not the one of Sonja, because this wonderful angel is probably mostly made of sugar ;) She has such an incredibly warm smile and a very gentle manner that no man can resist this tenderness. Her velvet skin

Escort Selena


If you take a look at her pictures, you'll know it straight away: Still waters run deep. (Apparently) sweet and tiny Selena Romez is HOT AS HELL! She has nearly perfect facial features. How outrageous of her!;) As a rule, one sees such a flawless beauty on the title of

Escort Lily


Lily ... You are joking, right? You are not allowed to do it! You are not allowed to present yourself so seductive, so smoking hot, so that no one can resist your beauty. You are to blame that one get those tempting fantasies ... First he is thinking about how

Escort Fabienne


What makes this Fabienne so mysterious ... so seductive? Maybe her feminine, erotic curves? Or is it her sweet, almost shy smile that inspires amorous fantasies? Is it the graceful skin complexion, looking like imperial porcelain?
Or maybe her blonde curls, which bring the allure of the forbidden flair?

Escort Margot


The tender, wonderful flower. Beside her authentic and pleasant manner, Margot is an intelligent woman who cuts a fine figure everywhere. Whether you plan to visit a restaurant or club, she will turn out to be a perfect company. You may also expect your private time to be filled with

Escort Yves


How does a dream woman of every man look like? What qualities should she possess? "Lady in the street but a freak in the bed"! We can assure you: Yves is the dream woman! The long-legged blonde unites absolute top qualities: The model standards of the flawless body combined with

Escort Marie


Marie's fascinating dark eyes are penetrating the hotel room... She is holding her breath for a moment, biting her lip and saying, "I'm sure you know the American actor and film director Woody Allen. He said once, "Sex is only dirty, if it is done properly." And I

Escort Solitaire


Solitaire is as unique and unusual as her name. She has the grace of a prima ballerina: delicate, elegant and exquisite... And it is not a coincidence, because her body was shaped by ballet training for many years. Solitaire looks like a piece of art, like a sculpture of a

Escort Sonja und Selena

Sonja und Selena

Twice as much beauty, twice as much tenderness, twice as much charm, sex appeal and pleasure. Have you ever played with the idea of being caressed by two hot ladies at the same time... Have you ever imagined how your body glows because of thousand kisses of those soft lips

Escort Joline


Pure Sexiness from tip to toe! Look how unbelievably shamelessly attractive this noblesse is. When you see her full, wonderfully formed and natural breasts, you won't believe it could be true - in our times of artificial beauty. Jolines erotic charisma and love of adventure will definitely inspire and invite you



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