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Sonja und Selena

Twice as much beauty, twice as much tenderness, twice as much charm, sex appeal and pleasure. Have you ever played with the idea of being caressed by two hot ladies at the same time... Have you ever imagined how your body glows because of thousand kisses of those soft lips and how excited you are at that moment. But it comes even better: Both nymphs begin to touch, spoil and stimulate each other... Just in front of you... And you watch, feel the heat of both girls, see the wet female curves and can't stand it any more... Oh my God, your tension becomes intolerable, your desire rises more and more, your moves are getting faster and FINALLY the climax! Relief! Nirvana...
This pleasure has a name... or two: Selena and Sonja.

Available in Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover and worldwide.



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Rates for Duo

3 hours1.100 € 4 hours1.300 € 6 hours1.700 € 8 hours2.100 € 12 hours2.700 € 24 hours4.500 €

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